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Loki is making a triumphant return, almost as if it never left. It has been over two years since the thrilling conclusion of the first season in the summer of 2021. However, time operates differently in the TVA. For Mobius (Owen Wilson), Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku), and of course, the God of Mischief himself (Tom Hiddleston), mere minutes have elapsed between the mind-boggling cliff-hanger of the finale and the opening scene of the Season 2 premiere, where Loki finds himself on the run.

In the first-season finale, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) propelled Loki through a Time Door, resulting in the demise of He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) and the subsequent collapse of the TVA. The Sacred Timeline has been thrown into disarray, veering off its designated course with no possibility of return. In the wake of this revelation, members of the TVA, led by B-15, have made the decision to cease pruning the branching timelines. The truth has come to light; the TVA was built on deception, with all personnel discovered to be variants themselves. However, Loki soon realizes that he has been thrust into a timeline where these events have yet to transpire.

The Season 2 premiere episode, titled “Ouroboros,” maintains the chaotic energy of the first season while raising the stakes to even greater heights. It keeps a frenetic pace as Loki is involuntarily transported through time, experiencing various eras of the TVA against his will. This season brings forth significant changes in the creative leadership, with head writer Eric Martin taking over from creator Michael Waldron. Moreover, directing duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead helm the premiere episode, stepping in for Kate Herron. Despite these transitions, the show seamlessly continues the narrative, with much of the core team intact.

“Ouroboros” expands our understanding of the TVA and its world, introducing new characters and shedding light on unexplored aspects. The time jumps provide tantalizing glimpses into mysteries yet to be unraveled in upcoming episodes. While Loki rarely remains in one place for long, the Season 2 opener focuses on the TVA to reestablish its state of chaos, B-15’s efforts to bring about change, and Loki’s emotional turmoil in the aftermath of encountering He Who Remains. It also presents an opportunity for the audience to reconnect with the crumbling bureaucracy of time lords, the captivating dynamic between Loki and Mobius, and introduces potential allies and enemies of the God of Mischief in the episodes to come.

“Ouroboros” serves as a powerful reminder of what made Loki a success and showcases Marvel Studios’ commitment to character-driven storytelling amidst the sometimes uneven Multiverse Saga. Over the next five weeks, I will recap each episode of Loki, offering an overview of the main events and sharing my thoughts on the overall progression. I will delve deeper into the conflicts, characters, and key scenes that make each episode unique.

In the TVA, Time-Slipping is the Norm
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The new season begins with Loki’s shattered heart still reeling from Sylvie’s treachery in the previous season’s finale. His body undergoes a haunting process of being torn apart and reassembled repeatedly, causing distress to onlookers such as Casey (Eugene Cordero) and Mobius. Loki finds himself trapped in a cycle of time-slipping, unable to escape. Eventually, he comes face-to-face with Mobius in the present and manages to convey what occurred with He Who Remains.

“We reached the man at the end of time,” Loki explains. “He seemed rational, but freeing the timeline only invited malevolence, violence, war, and more of him. They’re coming, all of them.”

Loki’s arrival alerts Mobius and other high-ranking TVA members to the grave threat they now face. However, due to Loki’s constant time-slipping, Mobius decides to address the immediate issue by taking him to the repairs and advancement department. There, they encounter Ouroboros (Ke Huy Quan), or O.B. for short. O.B. single-handedly runs the department and is the author of the TVA’s guidebook, serving as a revered figure within the organization.

The introduction of O.B. becomes a highlight of the episode, as Mobius and Loki engage in separate conversations with him across different points in time. Quan seamlessly blends into the peculiar world of Loki, injecting energy into the screen with his comedic timing and distinctive voice. O.B. emerges as a quirky genius who has not spoken to another soul in 400 years. The correspondence between past and present versions of O.B. leads to a complex solution for Loki’s time-slipping predicament.

The episode delves deeper into sci-fi territory as Loki’s time-slipping conundrum is addressed. O.B. creates a Temporal Aura Extractor to extract Loki from the timestream using the Temporal Loom, a vital piece of technology that shapes the TVA and the multiverse. O.B. speculates that the Temporal Loom may be the cause of Loki’s issues, as it struggles to handle the sudden emergence of countless new timelines. The overburdening of the Temporal Loom results from the TVA’s decision to spare the branching timelines, causing power surges throughout the organization.

To resolve Loki’s predicament, O.B. hatches a plan involving Mobius entering the Temporal Loom room, equipped with a comically bulky radiation suit, to connect the Aura Extractor to the Loom. Meanwhile, Loki must prepare to “prune” himself, severing his ties to time, so that the Aura Extractor can retrieve him once Mobius is ready. Failure to execute the plan precisely would result in Loki’s permanent loss to the timestream or Mobius suffering from the devastating effects of temporal radiation.

In a tense moment, Loki time-slips to the future, jeopardizing the plan. Desperate to prune himself in a future version of the TVA amidst a crisis, Loki hears a ringing phone in the distance, as if receiving a call from the outside world. He discovers Sylvie, who greets him with the words, “There you are,” before an unknown figure prunes Loki from behind. The significance of this encounter remains unclear for now.

“Ouroboros” takes audiences on a captivating journey while leaving them with lingering questions. The episode expertly combines perplexing sci-fi elements with its signature humor and absurdity. As the season progresses, audiences can anticipate further exploration of the intricate TVA bureaucracy, the evolving relationship between Loki and Mobius, and the introduction of new allies and adversaries for the God of Mischief.

In the coming weeks, I will continue to unravel the mysteries of Loki and share my insights into the show’s narrative, characters, and pivotal moments.


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