Preventing Hackers from Spying on Your Ring Camera or Video Doorbell: A Complete Guide

Home security camera systems like Amazon Ring and Google Nest, while intended to provide protection to households, can leave users vulnerable to hackers or even company employees. These cameras are typically placed outside homes to record live footage of who is approaching the premises, but if not secured properly, they could allow criminals to snoop … Read more

200 employees from Spotify’s podcasting department are laid off

Spotify, a popular music and podcast-streaming service, announced on Monday that it is reducing its podcasting division and laying off 200 people. According to Sahar Elhabashi, the Vice President and Head of Spotify’s podcast business, the layoffs are part of a fundamental pivot from a uniform proposition to a tailored approach optimized for each show … Read more

Bard chatbot released by Google to address concerns of ‘misleading or false information’

The relaunched AI chatbot will come with a health warning, informing users that Bard may “display inaccurate or offensive information” with every answer. The release of Bard comes after the tech giant’s botched launch last month, where the tool displayed an inaccurate answer about the James Webb Telescope. Bard falsely claimed the telescope had taken … Read more

Sequoia’s Venture Capital Empire Crumbles Due to Heightened US-China Tensions

Last year, when Sequoia Capital China was raising $9bn to invest in start-ups in the country, Helen Huang, a private equity investor at MassPRIM, which manages $100bn in pensions for Massachusetts state employees and teachers, was among those interested in backing the venture capital group. Huang recommended investing $150mn into Sequoia China, praising the firm’s … Read more

TikTok Accused of Deceiving Congress regarding U.S. User Data by Senators

On Tuesday, two senators wrote a letter addressed to the CEO of TikTok, which accused the company of providing misleading information to Congress about how it handles and stores American user data. The senators, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, demanded answers to over a dozen questions by the end of next … Read more

Headset Reveal Causes Apple Stock to Decline

Apple’s stock initially reached a record-high of $128.90 around 1:15 PM on June 5, 2023 but shortly after slid back to $179.58, experiencing a 1% loss in price. The decline was attributed to the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro headset during the Worldwide Developers Conference, which caused some investors to lose confidence in the … Read more

Elon Musk allegedly holds transphobic views.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX, recently shared his divisive views on transgender people. In a series of tweets, Musk promoted a transphobic “documentary” by far-right conservative Matt Walsh, agreed that medical providers who offer care to transgender children should be sent to prison, and supported a movement to exclude trans people … Read more

RFK Jr. Receives Endorsement from Former Twitter CEO

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has gained attention from past and present Twitter CEOs. Jack Dorsey, the former CEO, endorsed the presidential candidate on Sunday by sharing a video of him claiming he could beat Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis if he won the Democratic nomination, according to Gizmodo. Dorsey tweeted “He can and he … Read more

Volvo introduces cost-effective EX30 electric SUV to rival Tesla.

Volvo has launched its EX30 fully-electric small SUV, which offers two battery options and a starting price of approximately $38,500. This move is part of the car industry’s competition with Tesla to make EVs more affordable. The EX30 is the smallest SUV provided by Sweden’s leading manufacturer and follows the unveiling of the larger electric … Read more