Exhibition of award-winning timepieces from the ‘Oscars of watches’ in Dubai

CNN  —  The winners of this year’s “Oscars of watchmaking” have been chosen, with a wide range of time pieces recognized for their engineering perfection and eye-catching design. An industry jury chose the world’s best watches in fifteen different categories including sports, jewellery and travel time watch, with the awards presented by the Grand Prix … Read more

The Optimus robot from Tesla combines self-driving technology with remarkable human-like abilities.

Have you ever wondered about having a robot to do your chores and errands and even become an extension of you? Well, Tesla’s upcoming Optimus robot could bring us one step closer to this sci-fi fantasy. Tesla is developing a robot called “Optimus” that can perform household tasks and errands and make your daily routine … Read more

Apple’s Vision Pro: A New Addition to Your Personal Screen Collection

In a dimly lit room, a man approaches his children who are playing with a dish of soap and wands to blow bubbles. He wears the Apple Vision Pro, a $3,499 headset designed to give users a new level of immersion in digital space. With the headset’s built-in cameras, users can interact with programs in … Read more

Vision Pro VR headset revealed by Apple

During its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced Vision Pro, its virtual reality (VR) headset, on Monday.  Apple CEO Tim Cook described the headset as a “new type of computer” that enhances reality by “seamlessly blending” the physical world with the digital world.  “Vision Pro is the first Apple product that you look through rather than … Read more

Title Rewrite: Voting Machines Spark Activists’ Mistrust, But They Defy Election Denial Label.

Lulu Friesdat spent decades working on election integrity, co-founding the nonpartisan group Smart Elections. But in 2020, former President Donald J. Trump falsely claimed that electronic voting machines were responsible for rigging the election, leading to doubts about election integrity. Now, Friesdat and other election activists find themselves in an uncomfortable position, as they push … Read more

YouTube Alters Policy to Allow Misleading Claims Regarding Previous US Presidential Elections.

YouTube announced on Friday that it will no longer remove content claiming that the 2020 election or other past U.S. presidential elections were marred by “widespread fraud, errors or glitches.” This is a reversal for the Google-owned video service, which previously said it would remove new misinformation posts that claim voter fraud or errors changed … Read more

The Latest Addition to Combat Racial Abuse in Sports: AI Assistance for Athletes

Social media presents opportunities for athletes to market themselves and connect with fans. However, racism on these platforms can be “visual, permanently intrusive, and 24/7” due to anonymous trolling with little accountability, as the AP reports. Many Black athletes are using artificial intelligence tools to protect themselves from such abuse. GoBubble, a company offering … Read more

Tax Benefits Make Tesla’s Model 3 More Affordable Than Toyota’s Camry

Tesla has adjusted its battery supply chain to ensure that all of its Model 3 vehicles qualify for federal US tax credits, which, combined with other tax breaks, could bring the price of the vehicle down to less than a Toyota Camry. Changes to battery sourcing rules in April lowered the tax credit for some … Read more