Sarita Choudhury Opens Up About Portraying Seema in “And Just Like That”

When shooting a TV show on the bustling New York City streets, you can expect the unexpected. In the latest episode of “And Just Like That…”, actress Sarita Choudhury found herself running down the sidewalk in heels, chasing after a thief who snatched her character’s beloved Birkin bag. The scene was so realistic that passersby actually believed it was happening and joined in the chase, unaware that it was all part of the show.

Choudhury, determined and committed to her craft, insisted on doing the scene herself despite the pain and discomfort it brought. She laughed, saying she’s always the type to take on challenges like this, even though she secretly feared falling during the intense chase.

This scene is just one of the exciting improvements in the second season of the popular Max series, a revival of the iconic “Sex and the City” franchise. The new season embraces the spirit of the original show and allows us to see more of Choudhury’s character, Seema, who was one of the standout additions in the first season.

Seema, a glamorous and no-nonsense real estate agent, enters Carrie’s circle of friends when she’s hired to sell Carrie’s luxurious apartment following the passing of her husband, Mr. Big. While Seema had a limited presence in the first season, she quickly captured our attention and left us wanting more.

In the new season, Choudhury was thrilled to explore different facets of Seema’s personality, particularly through fun and playful scenes. She explained that in the first season, Seema was more focused on work, but in the second season, she gets to fully embrace her social life and attend fancy dinners and galas, setting the stage for juicy drama.

The episodes in this season often follow the classic formula familiar to fans of the original series. We witness characters experiencing disastrous dates or relationship dilemmas, followed by conversations over drinks or brunch. Seema, too, encounters various dating mishaps throughout the season. In the season premiere, she discovers that her boyfriend still lives with his ex-wife, a clear red flag. And in an upcoming episode, she encounters someone with performance issues in the bedroom.

Choudhury described the season as full of unexpected twists and turns, with each interaction leading to something intriguing. As an actor, she had a blast portraying the quick changes in emotions, showcasing shock and horror in an instant. These comedic and situational moments, such as the scene with the bag thief, provided a fun challenge for Choudhury as she had to navigate through different emotional states within a single scene.

The actress also expressed her admiration for Seema’s devotion to her prized Birkin bag, linking it to a refreshing aspect of her character. Seema reveals in an episode that she purchased the bag to celebrate her first major real estate deal. Throughout the series, we witness a woman who revels in her professional success, uninterested in marriage or long-term relationships. This representation of an independent and successful South Asian woman in her 50s stands out in a landscape where societal pressure to conform to traditional norms still prevails.

Choudhury agreed, acknowledging the rarity of such a character. She emphasized the significance of Seema crying over her bag rather than a man, highlighting the character’s determination to define her own happiness and priorities.

While being proudly single can be liberating, it also comes with its own set of challenges in a world where marriage is often expected. “And Just Like That…” tackles this aspect of Seema’s life throughout the season, staying true to the essence of the show. For instance, in an upcoming episode, Seema and Carrie decide to share a vacation home rental in the Hamptons. Seema expresses her frustration at constantly sharing a room with a married friend’s child’s surfboard.

In another episode, Seema and Carrie plan a relaxing massage at a spa, only to discover that couples massages are the only option on Valentine’s Day. Seema asserts her rights as a single person, demanding equality and questioning why there isn’t a designated date that bans couples from the spa.

Choudhury found these scenes intriguing, as they provided insight into Seema’s character. While she doesn’t delve into detailed backstories for her characters, she believes in relying on the script’s words to inform her portrayal. The strike by TV and film writers has brought attention to the need for fairer pay and working conditions in the industry, but Choudhury appreciates the richness and challenge of working with the script as given.

The talented actress enjoys exploring the physicality of her characters and adding her unique touch to line readings. She thrives on the challenge of bringing a script to life, finding ways to express her character’s essence through her body and facial expressions. Choudhury believes that sticking to the script, even down to the punctuation, allows her to explore her own interpretation and find her own voice as an actor.

“And Just Like That…” airs every Thursday on Max, offering viewers a delightful mix of comedy, drama, and relatable characters like Seema, who defy societal expectations and remind us of the importance of staying true to ourselves.


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