Living on a 7-Feet-Wide Boat: Debunking Assumptions and Myths

Laura Woodley: Living Unconventionally on a Narrowboat

Laura Woodley, a 35-year-old TikTok creator, has always embraced an unconventional lifestyle. Seeking an alternative to living alone in London due to escalating rent costs, she decided to explore other options and ultimately settled on living on a narrowboat. Intrigued by the community she observed along the canal paths, Laura took the plunge and purchased a narrowboat of her own.

Transitioning to life on a boat during the COVID-19 lockdown presented its challenges, as Laura found herself isolated from loved ones and needing to learn various tasks. Nonetheless, this experience fostered her personal growth, boosting her confidence and self-sufficiency. Eager to connect with like-minded individuals, Laura began documenting her journey on Instagram and TikTok, sharing insights into narrowboat living and dispelling misconceptions.

Initially, life on the boat was far from easy. Laura struggled with her fear of fire when operating the gas stove and felt uncomfortably anxious around machinery. Furthermore, the lockdown prevented her from relocating the boat back to London, separating her from her support system. However, reflecting on the experience, Laura appreciates the valuable lessons she learned and the newfound self-assurance she gained through overcoming these obstacles.

As a social media professional, Laura naturally gravitated towards sharing her narrowboat lifestyle on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Her videos offered glimpses into the inner workings of her boat, answered common questions, and shed light on everyday tasks like laundry (often done at friends’ houses). To her surprise, some of these videos went viral, propelling her into the spotlight.

One misconception frequently addressed in the comments of Laura’s videos was the belief that living on a narrowboat is a cost-saving endeavor. In reality, Laura’s expenses have increased compared to her time renting in shared accommodations. Loan repayments for the boat itself, amounting to approximately £650 per month, and monthly licensing fees of around £60, are significant financial obligations. Additionally, expenses for utilities, heating supplies, waste disposal, and maintenance total approximately £365 per month.

Maintenance, in particular, can be unpredictable and costly. Laura recalls an incident where her heating systems and chimney required repairs, costing her £700. As the sole occupant of her boat, she often manages smaller maintenance tasks herself, displaying her resourcefulness and independence.

Living on a narrowboat demands adaptability and perseverance. Laura remarks on the extra effort and time required for seemingly simple tasks, like disposing of garbage or refilling the gas tank. Despite occasional thoughts of returning to a conventional lifestyle, Laura remains committed, fueled by the support and camaraderie she finds within the boating community.

A vibrant and diverse community, narrowboat owners look out for one another, offering assistance and spending time together. Laura acknowledges the willingness of boaters to extend kindness, recognizing that the nature of living on a boat necessitates mutual support. Although the tranquil and idyllic image of narrowboat life may attract many, Laura highlights the hidden stress and challenges that come with it, cautioning prospective boaters to approach the lifestyle with realistic expectations.

Ultimately, Laura’s decision to embrace an unconventional living arrangement has allowed her to cultivate courage and face adversity head-on. She emerges from each setback stronger and more resilient than before, grateful for the personal growth and the tight-knit community that make the narrowboat lifestyle worthwhile.


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