Live Updates: Second One-Day International – Battle between India and Australia Cricket Team

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20th over: India 158-1 (Gill 69, Shreyas 74)

Matthew Short on to bowl with his lanky off-breaks. The Indians have a look for a few balls, then Shreyas hits another flat shot over deep midwicket for six. He’s surged past Gill’s score.

19th over: India 147-1 (Gill 67, Shreyas 65)

That hurts Adam Zampa. Not his fault initially: bowls a good few balls, four dots to Shreyas. Then bowls a low full toss. It’s dipping and drifting, not the easiest ball to smash, and Shreyas only clips it through midwicket towards the boundary rider. But Green sliding across misfields and deflects it over the rope. Zampa yelps in frustration, Steve Smith gesticulates. Brad Haddin on commentary is so confused that he calls the fielding “un-Australian-like”. And because he has overpitched, Zampa drags the next one down and gets smacked flat into the crowd by Shreyas for six! None from four balls, ten from two balls.

18th over: India 137-1 (Gill 67, Shreyas 55)

Economical shot from Gill, just waits for Johnson’s pace to arrive and opens the face to glide four runs. Johnson responds with a good bouncer, only gives away a couple more runs from the over.

17th over: India 131-1 (Gill 62, Shreyas 54)

Zampa shows off some turn. Bowls a lot of straight breaks, but that one does drift and spin a long way past Gill’s edge. Only three from the over.

Half century! Shreyas Iyer 53 from 41 balls

16th over: India 128-1 (Gill 60, Shreyas 53)

Ohhhh dear. It shapes to be a good over from Spencer Johnson. The left-armer comes around the wicket, cramping them for room as he angles in. Four singles, a dot ball… but then the siren goes off. He’s overstepped on that fifth ball. It’s a free hit. So Shreyas Iyer walks right at him and flat-bats six over long off. So often you see the free hit missed or cloughed as players swing too hard. That one is nailed, and it raises the batter’s fifty.

15th over: India 117-1 (Gill 58, Shreyas 45)

Mistimed slog from Gill against Zampa, but he still gets four from it. Off the inside half of the bat as he gallops down, smeared through midwicket.

Half century! Shubman Gill 52 from 37 balls

14th over: India 111-1 (Gill 53, Shreyas 44)

Two quiet overs, and that’s enough for Gill! Advances at Green and drives him dead straight, over the bowler, over the sight screen, into the crowd. Huge six for his half century. Takes a run to get off strike, then Shreyas Iyer hits one just as straight but all along the ground for four. Quite the effort from Gill – he was 9 from 19 balls, now he has a half century at about 1.5 runs per ball.

13th over: India 100-1 (Gill 46, Shreyas 40)

Decent over from Zampa, almost beats Gill through onto the pad as the batter overbalances while striking out through midwicket. Shifts his line towards leg stump once or twice to change things up. Four singles all told. India into triple figures.

12th over: India 96-1 (Gill 44, Shreyas 38)

Green to continue, looking less than overjoyed as another leg-stump line goes for a run. His next is even wider down leg, penalised. Three more singles, a rare quiet over for Australia.

11th over: India 91-1 (Gill 42, Shreyas 36)

Powerplay done, fielding restrictions over, and here comes Zampa. Has taken some fearful tap in his last few matches. Two balls here that the Indian batters have a look at, fast and flat leg-breaks at the stumps that they drive for singles, but the third ball Gill steps into the stroke and launches it for six. Over long on, a long way back! Singles from every other ball.

10th over: India 80-1 (Gill 33, Shreyas 34)

Cameron Green has to come back to bowl one ball and finish his over. It’s on the leg stump and the right-handed Gill stabs it away to square leg for a single.

No overs lost

India were flying before the break, so it will have given Australia a chance to regroup.

The sun is out!

Apparently we’re due for a restart in about 10 minutes.

What’s everyone doing? If your Sunday night (AEST) consists of reading the Guardian live blog of the second match of a warm-up series for a World Cup while play is suspended for rain, then you must be having a rager. Let me know, it might help pass the time. [email protected]

Thanks Tanya. I have just had the singular pleasure of watching the unique Ravi Shastri in a documentary interview for rain fill, talking about his double hundred during Shane Warne’s debut in 1991. After accepting the player of the match award, of course, “he was passing by. I said, ‘Young man, on another day you might have had seven-for.’ Imagine the confidence that gave a young player.”

Nobody does it like Ravi.

Time for Geoff Lemon to take over, hopefully he’ll oversee the covers coming off and play restarting. Bye for now – back later!

A bit of reading while we wait for the rain to fall:

A new-look England side with four new caps beat Ireland:

And (please excuse the plug), Bas de Leede on the World Cup dark horses and “Total Cricket”:

A cast of thousands on the field, absolutely amazing to see. Every bit of grass covered by plastic sheeting.

Rain stops play

9.5 overs: India 79-1 (Shubman Gill 32, Shreyas Iyer 34)

Time for Cameron Green. An ugly, but effective boundary, as Gill grill pans straight down the ground. SIX follows, hooked over his shoulder, easy as you like, and down the rain comes … the players go off as a wonderful choreography of ground sheets and ground-staff come on.

9th over: India 68-1 (Shubman Gill 22, Shreyas Iyer 33)

Steve Smith has his hands on his head: its Subman time! Two frankly dismissive shots from the first three balls of Abbott’s over. A straight six and then a step and fire slam over cover to bring up the fifty partnership in just 29 balls. Magical stuff.

8th over: India 54-1 (Shubman Gill 9, Shreyas Iyer 32)

Just the one boundary for Shreyas in Hazlewood’s over, as the crowd noise rises and falls and rises again in a wave. Shreyas brings up the fifty, pulling/gloving a short ball past the keeper. Australia struggling to stop the flow. And a risky single, which would have been run out if Abbott had hit, to keep things interesting.

7th over: India 47-1 (Shubman Gill 7, Shreyas Iyer 27)

Sean Abbott gives Johnson a break, tall dark hair replacing tall blond hair. But he too is milked by Shreyas, ten from the over, including one joyous uppish drive for four, over the covers, bat and front foot moving in unison. Gill a spectator here.

6th over: India 37-1 (Shubman Gill 3, Shreyas Iyer 21)

Dreamy by Shreyas Iyer, Hazlewood’s first ball driven through the covers for four, and again


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