Why Canada’s Foreign Service Requires a Revamp: Insights from Joly – National News

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly has promised a plan to reboot Canada’s foreign service by this fall that will ensure diplomats have a better grasp of the languages and topics relevant to their postings. This move comes in response to new conflicts, climate change, and rising authoritarianism, as well as a series of embarrassing incidents … Read more

Key Takeaways from Prince Harry’s Debut Court Appearance – A Comprehensive Report

Prince Harry made history on Tuesday, becoming the first senior royal to enter the witness box in over 130 years. He is testifying as part of a wider case against the Mirror Group Newspapers, alleging that the publishers used illegal means such as phone-hacking and hiring private investigators to obtain information for articles about high … Read more

Acclaimed Artist Challenges Picasso’s Assertion of ‘Never Leaving Him’: ‘Let’s See’

Francoise Gilot, a prolific and acclaimed painter who produced art for well over half a century but was better known for her tumultuous relationship with Pablo Picasso, passed away on Tuesday in New York City where she had resided for many years. She was 101. According to Artforum, Gilot’s daughter Aurelia Engel said her … Read more

CNN Business provides eleventh-hour tips for filing taxes

CNN reports that over 100 million income tax returns for 2022 have been received by the IRS so far this tax season, meaning many households are yet to file. The article outlines several last-minute tips to keep in mind before the April 18 deadline, including potential filing extensions for those in federally declared disaster areas … Read more

Dementia renders 88-year-old Rwandan genocide suspect incapable of standing trial, UN judges rules.

Judges of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals have ruled that Félicien Kabuga, an 88-year-old Rwandan genocide suspect, cannot continue standing trial due to his dementia. However, the judges have stated that they will establish a procedure to continue hearing evidence without the possibility of convicting Kabuga. The majority decision, published on Wednesday, means … Read more

Boeing sued by Wilson Aerospace for allegedly appropriating IP for NASA projects

The Artemis 1 mission Space Launch System (SLS) rocket Frank Michaux / NASA Wilson Aerospace, a small family-run tools company based in Colorado, is suing Boeing for a wide range of claims concerning allegedly stolen intellectual property over the last two decades. The company’s lawsuit centers around multiple custom-designed tools that Wilson says it created … Read more

The Fear Residing in Biden Outweighs that of the Ukrainians

“The language of escalation is the language of excuse.” Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, dismisses concerns that providing assistance to Ukraine could lead to Russia expanding its aggression to NATO countries or crossing the nuclear threshold. Despite being least likely to be a victim of Russia’s aggression, the United States is the most concerned about … Read more

EU trademark battle ends with Batman’s victory

DC Comics, the parent company of Batman, has won a legal battle in the European Union against an Italian retailer. Reuters reported that the General Court, Europe’s second-top court, ruled in favor of the company more than 20 years after its Batman logo was registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Commerciale Italiana Srl … Read more