Why Vivo is the Fastest Growing Smartphone Brand in India

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The smartphone industry is growing fast. Every day they are introducing something new. However, the brand’s popularity depends on a number of reasons. From the price to the features, a smartphone manufacturer needs to consider all the aspects to become one of the most sought-after brands. 

Vivo is one such brand that has fulfilled all requirements of the Indians. Be it the display or the specification, Vivo is leaving no stones unturned in beating the other mobile brands. It has helped the company grow faster in the Indian market and become its leading smartphone company. The company targeted the middle-class household by offering Vivo mobiles under 20000 with great specs. 

Here are a few reasons why Vivo is receiving such great response in the Indian market.


Vivo has captured the market with its affordable price and high-end features. Even Vivo mobiles under 20000 have not compromised on the quality of the phone. This brand has a smartphone to fit every budget, from ultra-high budgets to mid-range phones. The latest model Vivo S1 is worth a mention. 

The Vivo S1 price ranges between Rs.16,999 and Rs.18,999. Just because it is priced at under Rs.20,000 does not mean that it has compromised on the specifications. You will get a 16MP + 8MP + 5MP Rear camera. It has a 4500mAh battery and 4GB RAM. The front camera of 32MP will give you an ultra-clear picture. 

This introduction of excellent specifications at a low-price has set the ball rolling for Vivo. In no time this brand has managed to capture the attention of the mass. 


When purchasing Vivo mobile phones, you won’t miss any good specs, even at a lower price. The low-priced Vivo smartphones come with competitive specs, including a great camera, internal storage, and RAM.

Using a Vivo phone, you can access great features like cordless cameras, 5G connectivity, and much more conveniently than any other smartphone brand. The newly launched Vivo phones under 20000 now come as an upgraded version that includes new functions, available in other smartphone brands at higher prices.

The advanced camera module on an affordable range

When the premium smartphone brands were busy making their customers pay for having multiple cameras on the phone, Vivo came up with multi-lens cameras at lower-price. This set the graph of Vivo high on the chart. Vivo understands that picture quality is important. This is why the brand has all the latest releases with Quad lens, dual or triple cameras, including other things like telephoto lenses, ultra-wide-angle lenses, and other things like macro and OIS.

The higher you go with your budget, the better camera, and technology you will get in your Vivo smartphone. But when you are looking for a Vivo smartphone under 20000, the latest release Vivo S1 is a great option.

Cheapest 5G phones

With the connectivity getting upgraded, everyone wants to have a 5G network. For this, Vivo has got a variety of options. You can purchase a 5G phone from Vivo for under 20000 with great stuff.

The benefit of 5G connectivity in an emerging country like India is enormous. Vivo understands their 5G smartphones can become a game-changer in the market and drive new businesses. Thus, the brand started the trend of 5G phones, which helped the brand grow and expand in the country.

Variety of options

Vivo releases a number of phones every year in different price ranges. From offering ultra-affordable smartphones to flagship-grade smartphones, Vivo offers everything. Now Vivo has a great distribution channel in Indian. So, one can easily find a variety of Vivo mobiles under 20000 or more. Whether it be the latest features or updated performance, Vivo never fails to keep up with its promise.

The Final Verdict 

Vivo understands the Indian market and its needs well. By targeting the middle-class group, the brand has built itself as the fastest-growing smartphone brand in India. The price of smartphones has played a bigger role in helping the brand receive popularity and desired sales. It is with Vivo that most Indians now enjoy the high-end specifications and camera of high-priced smartphones. 

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