The Fear Residing in Biden Outweighs that of the Ukrainians

“The language of escalation is the language of excuse.” Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, dismisses concerns that providing assistance to Ukraine could lead to Russia expanding its aggression to NATO countries or crossing the nuclear threshold. Despite being least likely to be a victim of Russia’s aggression, the United States is the most concerned about … Read more

Fleeing for Their Lives: Ukrainians Struggle to Evade Floods and Shelling Amid Dam Collapse

KHERSON, Ukraine (AP) — As shelling from Russia’s war on Ukraine echoed overhead, dozens of evacuees on an island in the Dnieper River scurried onto the tops of military trucks or into rafts to flee rising floodwaters caused by a dam breach upstream. The unnerving bark of dogs left behind further soured the mood of … Read more

“Barbaric” Dam Attack Threatens Access to Drinking Water for Hundreds of Thousands in Ukraine

Hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine could lose access to drinking water after a major dam was attacked and effectively destroyed in a Russian-controlled region of southern Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said. The sheer magnitude of the catastrophe is becoming clear as water continues to cascade through the breached wall of the collapsed Nova … Read more

Hundreds flee homes as floodwaters continue to rise following Ukraine dam collapse – National news

Floodwaters caused by a collapsed dam in southern Ukraine have forced hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. The region has been occupied by Russia for the past year, and the cause of the collapse is unclear. Ukraine has accused Russia of sabotaging the dam, while Russia claims Ukrainian shelling caused the breach. Experts believe … Read more