Why Canada’s Foreign Service Requires a Revamp: Insights from Joly – National News

Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly has promised a plan to reboot Canada’s foreign service by this fall that will ensure diplomats have a better grasp of the languages and topics relevant to their postings. This move comes in response to new conflicts, climate change, and rising authoritarianism, as well as a series of embarrassing incidents … Read more

Advocates and tenants urge Canada’s premiers to address the rental crisis next month

As governments throughout Canada work towards constructing more affordable housing, some rental market residents feel forgotten and neglected. These individuals want Premieres to take action during their next meeting. One such resident is Beverly Henry, a retired senior residing in Toronto whose rent has increased by over $400 in only nine years. Rentals.ca reports that … Read more

Flights to New York’s LaGuardia Airport temporarily suspended by FAA due to smoke from Canadian wildfires.

A seagull flies before the lower Manhattan skyline during heavy smog in New York on June 6, 2023. Ed Jones | AFP | Getty Images The Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday halted flights bound for New York’s LaGuardia Airport as smoke from Canada’s wildfires cut visibility in the area. “The FAA has taken steps to … Read more

Edmonton linked to scientist accused of creating Syria’s chemical weapons program.

On August 21, 2013, the Syrian government fired rockets loaded with sarin nerve gas into the rebel-held Ghouta district of Damascus, resulting in the infamous Ghouta gas attack that killed up to 1,400 people, including many children. Ten years later, it has been revealed that a scientist accused of helping Syria develop its chemical weapons … Read more

Driver in US Mistakenly Takes Wrong Route with Cannabis and Large Sum of Money in Vehicle

The Mounties have reported that an American man mistakenly entered the wrong GPS coordinates and ended up in Canada. This probably would not have been a major issue if he hadn’t been carrying cannabis and cash in his vehicle. In a press release released on Tuesday, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated that the driver … Read more