Satoshi Kuwata from Setchu Triumphs at the LVMH Prize – The Pinnacle Honor for Emerging Fashion Designers

The News Satoshi Kuwata, founder of Setchu, a brand that blends Eastern and Western cultures, has won the 2023 LVMH Prize for Young Designers. This prize is the largest and most prestigious award in the fashion industry, and Kuwata will receive 400,000 euros (approx. $429,000) and a year of mentoring from an LVMH executive. The … Read more

Despite Unemployment Fears and Recession, Workers Are Still Pursuing Career Changes – Orange County Register

Bankrate’s job seeker survey revealed that although one-third of employed Americans are worried about job security, they are also the most likely to take career actions, such as negotiating for more flexibility, asking for a raise, or searching for a new job. The survey found that 88% of workers concerned about job security are likely … Read more

Dublin Airport Reports 3 Million Passengers in May – Discover the Top Destinations for Irish Holidaymakers

According to daa, the airport operator, June, July, and August are expected to be the busiest months at Dublin and Cork airports since 2019. In May, Dublin Airport saw an increase of 17% in passenger travel to 3.05 million, while Cork Airport welcomed 262,318 passengers, representing a 28% uplift on the same month in the … Read more

Could Holocaust Education Be Fueling the Rise of Anti-Semitism?

When the reader at my book event in Michigan approached the signing table wearing a kippah, I knew what he was about to share. He waited until most of the other guests had left before recounting his experience at the supermarket that morning. Another shopper had bumped into him with a cart, and instead of … Read more

Succumbing to Saudi Arabia’s Financial Temptations, PGA Tour Heads to the Middle East

The PGA Tour, once known for its moral stance against LIV Golf league, has made a stunning reversal and merged with the rival league, which gets its funding from Saudi Arabia. PGA Tour Commissioner, Jay Monahan, previously suspended 17 players who defected to LIV for prioritizing money over morality, only to join them later for … Read more

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The OC Warmline, a confidential 24/7 telephone, live chat, and texting service for Orange County residents in need of mental health support, will now have improved accessibility through an expanded contract with NAMI Orange County. The organization will provide mental health resources for the next two years at a cost of up to $28.3 million. … Read more

The Pandemic Boosts Female Workforce Participation Among 25-54 Year Olds to Historic Levels

‘She-cession is over!’ Record Number of Women Aged 25-54 Back in the Workforce After the Pandemic Currently, more women are in the U.S. workforce than ever ‘She-cession’ trend is being reversed after women left their jobs during the pandemic In April, women’s workforce participation rate hit a record high of 77.5% By Germania Rodriguez Poleo … Read more

California Establishes a Cost for the Effects of Slavery and Develops a Plan for Reparations – Orange County Register

The numbers mentioned in a draft report by California’s Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans, accounting for racial differences in life expectancy, are precise and include the statistical value of each year of human life: $13,619, wealth that is missing due to lower rates of black homeownership: $148,099, average devaluation … Read more

Elliot Page Discloses a ‘Sexually Open’ Relationship with a ‘Juno’ Co-Star

Unlike Elliot Page’s character, the actor wasn’t eyeing Michael Cera while filming “Juno.” Page, who has become the most prominent transgender star in Hollywood, revealed in his new memoir “Pageboy” that he had a steamy relationship with “Juno” co-star Olivia Thirlby years before Page came out as gay in 2014 and eventually transitioned in 2020. … Read more