Magento SEO Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

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Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms available for users. It is not only free but also offers the best value for the money because it is easy to maintain. In fact, users can also optimize Magento platform easily for their SEO needs. It can help them get more rankings for their product pages and thus generate more sales.

Top Magento SEO Tips for Beginners

Let’s learn in detail about how you can easily optimize Magento for search engine optimization.

  • Implement an SEO-Friendly URL Structure

The best way to implement SEO friendly architecture is with the URL structure. For Magento store owners, creating the right URL structure is equally important.

When creating URLs, you have two options available:

  • Flat URL structure
  • Directory Specific URL structure

Magento recommends that you keep this type of product structure.

Product page:

Category page:

Sub-category page:

However, if you have multiple pages on your website, then you can keep a flat URL structure for your website as well. Both are good for SEO of your website. 

To ensure that you use a flat URL structure, do this on your website.

Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Search Engine Optimization and setting Use Categories Path for Product URLs to No and Use Canonical Link Meta Tag for Categories to Yes.

  • Optimize Meta Tags

Next, make sure that you are optimizing your meta tags for Magento ecommerce stores. If your product pages have a meta title of more than 70 characters, then lessen it. Similarly, if you have a meta description below 130 characters, then increase it to 145 characters at least.

This will ensure that Google picks your meta descriptions for search results.

Moreover, you can get an SEO extension to keep you on the right path. A good SEO extension that you can use for your Magento ecommerce store is ‘Magento 2 SEO extension’.

Finally, make sure that your meta description is including both primary and LSI keywords in the content. This will help the products rank for multiple keywords in search results. You can also hire Magento developers to create functionality for your ecommerce store.

  • Create Unique Product Descriptions

Product descriptions play a crucial role in getting more orders. If your products don’t have quality descriptions available, they are less likely to get more orders. You can also include keywords in your product descriptions so that they get found in SERPs. 

  1. Make sure that you search for top selling products and then optimize their product descriptions. This will help them get more traction.
  2. Make sure that the product descriptions include visuals, pricing table, features of the product, specifications of the product, and precautionary measures that the users should know
  3. It would be great if you can add a review section underneath each product so that visitors know the feedback as well. If the product has positive reviews, it will also act as a catalyst for your product.
  • Use Canonical Tag to Solve Duplicate Content Problem

If you have similar products available by sizes, colors, and pricing tiers, then make sure to use canonical tags. Canonical tags will tell Google that only one product is worthy of listing in search engines and it should get all the juice. 

So, if a filtered URL of the same is found by visitors or by crawlers crawling your website, they will automatically find the canonicalized version and rank that instead. This is important for the website equity as well.

For example: your url:

Someone searches a filter:

So, the second url should have a canonical tag pointing to

Similarly, you should also self-reference with the canonical tag so that Google is completely clear about which version is the best fit for ranking on search.

  • XML Sitemap Generation

Finally, make sure that your Magento ecommerce store has an XML sitemap generated. Without a proper XML sitemap your website won’t be indexed by Google because its crawler won’t know how many pages your website has.

If there are some pages on your website that are orphaned, they won’t be indexed by Google without the sitemap. 

Sitemap will also help crawlers find pages that are newly made or have been updated lately

That is it. These are the five best tips you would need to rank your Magento ecommerce store. 

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