It’s spring, wake up your skin gently


At a time when sleeping nature gently awakens, the mechanisms of the epidermis, slumbering during winter, and resume with more vigor to accompany the spring revival. The arrival of sunny days over-activates biological functions, with the intermediate seasons being those which most disturb the skin’s balance. However, the skin is poorly prepared for this renewed activity, thicker because of the winter, it remains chilly, numb and pale. All of these factors promote greater fragility. More exposed because less hydrated, hyperactive, the epidermis is particularly vulnerable, which exacerbates the small daily discomforts: sensitivity, imperfections, lack of radiance and vitality. Spring is therefore the season par excellence for intensive care, but first it is necessary to eliminate the toxins accumulated during the winter, very gently so as not to accentuate the imbalances already present, but on the contrary, to favorably accompany them towards a harmony.

Best skin specialist in Islamabad recommends your skin all its vigor, in just 3 steps, so that it can regain radiance and beauty, strength and resistance, and thus face the beautiful season properly.

Step 1: Spring cleaning

Because during this period the skin is over-protected, stuffed with rich nutrients, covering and insulating creams, winter is conducive to the accumulation of toxins and sebum in the epidermis. Linked to the degradation of proteins, to the bioaccumulation of metabolic waste, to the action of free radicals, these impurities asphyxiate the epidermis and slow down the natural regeneration of cells. Imperfections proliferate and the complexion remains gray despite the beautiful luminosity of spring.

In order to free the epidermis, a great spring cleaning is necessary. However, in order not to disturb the much weakened balances during this period of renewal, the skin detox regimen must use appropriate, naturally gentle products. It is, in fact, to encourage the return to the original balance of the skin, to support the natural cellular desquamation of the epidermis, while preserving the richness of its flora, made up of more than 150 types of skin. Different bacteria.

Therefore, first of all, reject any aggressive stripping and any relentless exfoliation, you would then risk, while eliminating toxins and dead cells, damaging the natural protective barrier of your skin. Favor a deep cleansing, using natural virtuous products for the skin, such as gentle exfoliators based on clay or vegetable oils, formulas enriched with plant active ingredients , vitamins and trace elements , which will purify your skin. Skin while restoring its natural protections. The elimination of fatty substances taking place during the night, also remember to conscientiously remove make-up from your skin every evening, using treatments. With moisturizing and soothing properties. Also let the skin “breathe” overnight, at least periodically, by not applying any night cream.

Step 2: Awakening the skin

The evacuation of dead cells and toxins mainly contributes to restarting the microcirculation. In order to ideally support this mechanism, do not hesitate to manually drain your skin. To do this, simply apply small sliding pressures, also called pumping. By alternately pressing and releasing the skin, by light pressure, circulation is favored. The skin is revitalized and has a fresher, rosier complexion. His receptivity is encouraged, which will promote the effectiveness of the care that will be applied subsequently.

Step 3: Intensive skin care

Once the skin has been freed from all the impurities of winter and endowed with a harmonious micro-circulation, the place is now for care in order to revive the vitality of the epidermis. While during the winter, thick creams that are very rich in nutrition are preferred, light creams, lotions and serums are more in tune with the new needs that spring gives rise to.

With a delicate texture, so-called light creams have the advantage of hydrating the skin without hindering its optimal breathing, while serums and lotions revitalize the epidermis without suffocating it. Solutions with tonic properties, plant and mineral active ingredients, constitute excellent care to rebalance the harmonious functioning of the epidermis while restoring freshness and radiance. So choose from this range of nourishing treatments, according to your skin type and its specific needs.

Thanks to their moisturizing properties and their purifying qualities, micellar waters are perfect for summer. You can use micellar water as a lotion before applying the day cream, its effectiveness will then be optimal. Gently nourishing the epidermis, enveloping it in a light and protective veil, micellar waters actively participate in strengthening the skin’s immune defenses. By using one of these precious balms, which you will still choose according to the specific needs of your skin, you will help it sustainably to face the shocks, and in particular those, more violent, of the summer.

Reflexes, internally, to help the skin stay beautiful

Because the beauty of the skin is intrinsically linked to our lifestyles, to our dietary practices, also think about creating, internally, the conditions favorable to a good regeneration of the epidermis. To do this, three practices can be used, separately or in combination: a detox cure, occasional supplementation with antioxidants, as well as preparation in the sun.

In order to strengthen the elimination of toxins accumulated throughout the body, and buried deeper in the cells of the epidermis, nothing like a small detox cure . Favor foods with purifying and draining qualities or use food supplements specifically designed to detoxify the body.

An antioxidant supplementation is also welcome to approach the summer where the aggressions of the skin will multiply under the influence of UV rays: tasks, rashes, sunburn, etc. To prevent skin dryness and preserve the beauty of your complexion, recharge your batteries with antioxidants.

Very relevant also, sun because they prevent damage associated with prolonged exposure. Urucum powder is a great ally. Rich in beta-carotene and essential antioxidants, Amazonian urucum powder very naturally preserves, prevents, protects and strengthens the epidermis.



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