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Conservative: Investigate Uvalde Now

“Uvalde wasn’t an ‘apparent law-enforcement failure.’ It is the biggest law-enforcement scandal since George Floyd, and therefore one of the biggest in US history,” seethes The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan. The police’s “incompetence on the scene and apparent lies afterward” have “rocked the American people.” The 19 cops who “failed to move for almost an hour” as children, “some already shot, some not, were trapped” know “everything that happened.” Many “would have had to override their own common sense to stand down under orders; most would have had to override a natural impulse toward compassion. Many would be angry now, or full of reproach or a need to explain. Get them now.” I.e., interview them immediately. We need “a swift and brutal investigation” before they “close ranks” and “lawyer up.”

Libertarian: Dodgy Dem Disinformation

Human beings are “biased and blind and overconfident,” notes Reason’s Katherine Mangu-Ward. “We’re prone to constructing self-serving narratives after the fact; worse, we often convince ourselves they are true.” And “we tend to attribute others’ mistakes to malice, even as we attribute our own to well-intentioned error.” All of which make “the very concept of misinformation — and its more sinister cousin, disinformation — slippery at best.” So the proposed Disinformation Governance Board and Team Biden’s general push to put pressure on social-media companies are foolish. “There are many, many ways to be wrong. In the United States, nearly all of them are protected by the First Amendment.”

Neocon: Joe’s Ukraine War With Himself

“When it comes” to “providing for Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression without provoking a Russian response against the West, Joe Biden is engaged in a furious wrestling match with himself,” observes Commentary’s Noah Rothman. Last Monday, he vowed Ukraine would get no rockets that can strike inside Russia, “yet, just about 24 hours after Biden took long-range rockets off the table, he reversed himself” in his New York Times op-ed. Kyiv promised not to launch US missiles into Russia, but Ukraine’s victory “will involve driving Russian forces back across the border and holding them there,” and no “party to this war will be drawing fine distinctions about a particular platform’s country of origin.”

From the right: Biden’s Saudi Surrender

President Biden has had to do a “humiliating about-face” on his pledge to make Saudi Arabia a pariah state, writes National Review’s Jim Geraghty. Even had he wanted to back away from his (unrealistic) vow, Biden “might have been able to get through his term without a personal meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. But as world oil prices rose and the Biden administration signaled its desire to reduce US use of fossil fuels, Saudi Arabian leverage increased, and US leverage decreased.” Simply put: “Biden has maneuvered himself into a spot where a gallon of gas now averages $4.71 nationwide; the Saudi leadership hates his guts and wants to see him crawl;” and “human-rights groups are appalled by the administration’s reversal on the kingdom.”

Liberal: Dems’ Imaginary Suburbs

With the party polling horribly on the economy, crime and immigration, explains The Liberal Patriot’s Ruy Teixeira, Democrats are out “focusing their message on abortion and guns” to “win the all-important battle for the suburbs” this fall. But the ’burbs aren’t packed with “liberal, highly educated voters” as this tack assumes: “About three-fifths of suburban white voters are working class (noncollege),” at least twice as many as are college grads (who aren’t all liberals). And by 53% to 41% suburban voters favor “confining access to abortion (except in the case of medical emergency) to the first 15 weeks of a pregnancy,” whereas the Democratic Party’s committed “to more or less unfettered access, which is not particularly popular.” So: “Once again, the Democrats may be basing their strategy around an electorate that they wish existed but does not in the real world.”

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