Greg Gutfeld: The mainstream media ‘desperately’ needs AOC to ‘play’ the public


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Hello, America. So by now you heard that AOC, among others, was arrested last night. She truly is an American hero. It was brutal, taken out in cuffs, well, technically, her shirt had cuffs. Maybe French cuffs as she did surrender without fighting. But if her pants had cuffs, she would have pretended to be in leg irons too. But real handcuffs? Not so much. 

But that didn’t stop her from pretending, and I hate it when people do this to me. When I ask people to put on handcuffs, and they say “I’ll just pretend I have them on.” I’d be like “sure, and I’ll pretend to pay you after.” I think Dana just had an arrhythmia. All right. Yes, I pay people to wear handcuffs. But she did this because she knew the media would obey. Let’s watch the tape.


You know, she’d be a great mime. Like the Latina version of Marcel Marceau. In fact, here she is later in her jail cell.

Of course, AOC was mocked on social media for imitating being handcuffed, which is a change from her usually being mocked for imitating a congresswoman. That was, that’s not even close to being as disgusting as I can be. She, in fact, was gingerly escorted away to a holding area where she kept up the phony display before finally raising her fist to supporters.

She then crossed her wrists behind her back, again in the faux handcuffed position. It’s as tall a tale as AOC nearly being killed on January sixth. This is a person who never met a situation she couldn’t make about her. She really is the Amber heard of DC politics. I’m surprised she didn’t claim she was nearly killed on 911 or during the Tet Offensive or the Battle of Bunker Hill, or that she dodged a bullet when Lincoln asked her to shut up at Ford’s Theater. But you know what? I get it. Nothing makes you cooler than getting arrested for taking a stand. You know I should do that.

I don’t think that’s a real number. But, you know I do not blame AOC at all, she knows she can play the media, because they so desperately need her to play the public. It’s like Bob Seger saying in that classic song “Night Moves.” “I used her. She used me, but neither one cared. We were getting our share.” 

It’s like that picture of the border agent that went crazy viral, agent whips migrants. The media screamed in unison, like the Tabernacle Choir stubbing all their toes at the exact same time. Biden said he’d get to the bottom of it like it was his afternoon bowl of cream of wheat. And then when adults informed the press that, no, those were a horse’s reigns you F-ing jackasses. The story went away, without one correction.

 Instead, in a move that would make Kafka say “this situation is my name-esque.” No? Thank you. Jim said it was a good joke. A great joke. They punished the agents even after they were found innocent. Yeah and Trump was supposed to be the dictator. 


But the story isn’t about them or the squad. It’s about the media, of course, who choose to omit facts, to create and then preserve their narrative. What you’re seeing is kabuki news, where participants play act and the media pretends it’s real, then amplifies it to the public. It’s constant, and it only flows in one direction. 

But today, thankfully, with help, a savvy consumer can see right through it. And who can you thank for that? Expected more applause, but okay. Most Americans now know that what the media presents isn’t real, but artificial representations of a bigger, hidden story. It’s like that little trash can on your laptop screen. It’s not really a trash can, and you aren’t really dragging that incriminating photo and throwing it away, even when it makes that really cute sound. But it wants you to think it is. It’s all just symbols representing actions going on behind the user interface that we never actually ever see. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection mounted officers attempt to contain migrants as they cross the Rio Grande from Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, into Del Rio, Texas, Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021. 
(AP Photo/Felix Marquez)

What you do see, however, is what they allow you to see. There’s lots of other stuff going on behind the scenes. I mean, who knows how many cryptic texts, emails and bodily fluids are exchanged between journalists and pols for such favorable coverage? But that’s the news or how the news presents the news. 

Example again, this photo a border patrol agent on horseback, a black migrant, a whip, that’s all you need, the media thinks, so they blew it up. But behind those images is a truth they won’t tell you, because it’s too much work, and it betrays their aims. So what was the story behind the story? The Border Patrol agent is doing his job that the government won’t do, protect the border. The whip is a rein used to control the horse on rough terrain. The black migrant is an illegal alien and agents are actually looking out for his health, too. That’s the story behind the images. 


Same thing with the squad’s protests. It’s all so clear, so why bother telling you the truth? But TV picture is worth a thousand words and is a thousand times more powerful, when not explained in its proper context, whether it’s The New York Times or CNN, they use images falsely to represent the reality that often isn’t the reality at all. 

Same thing with war, pictures of legit suffering and rubble. I’m sorry, I’m confusing those with what I see in Kat’s office, but better not question what’s going on behind that image. Like, how did we get here? Was it preventable? Can it be stopped? No. Shut up and enjoy the slideshow we put together for you, you dolts. 


But people are catching on. The confidence in the media is almost down to zero, we call it the Jesse Watters effect. He can’t hear you, but that’s a good thing because it will hopefully lead to new things. You know, Fox News came about from a dissatisfaction over a monolithic leftist media. And remember, necessity is the mother of invention. Well, unless that identifies as a dad.



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