Democrats will pay a price at midterm elections for woke agenda


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On Tuesday’s midterm elections, it is becoming clear the left’s unpopular “woke” agenda is losing favor with the American people. The result of continued activism and support for reckless spending that is driving inflation, defunding police, injecting gender and race-based politics into public schools, and ignoring violent crime, could be the blunder of the decade.

As many liberal members of Congress and candidates aggressively promote woke themes, an NBC survey reveals an overwhelming 71% of registered voters say the country is headed in the wrong direction, while just 20% say it’s on the right track. Leftist activists aren’t showing any signs of changing course, in fact, they are doubling down.

On Sunday’s Face the Nation, Speaker Pelosi said, “When I hear people talk about inflation… we have to change that subject. Inflation is a global phenomenon.”

The message is clear when Democrats are in charge – it’s going to get worse and you’re going to have to deal with it or our nation will end. They aren’t even trying to say they have any solutions; they’re saying suck it up.

A recent New York Times/Siena College poll found the economy and inflation to be the top priorities on people’s minds. The poll also reveals how self-described independent Americans support conservative solutions to address issues of inflation and economic recession.  And the only “solution” from the left is and was the “2022 Inflation Reduction Act” – a massive spending bill that made inflation worse.

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail candidates who supported the Inflation Reduction Act like Sen. Cortez Masto in Nevada and Sen. Kelly in Arizona claim to be moderates. But when you look at their voting record it tells a very different story. Both are rubber-stamps for Biden’s reckless spending adding more than $4.8 trillion to the deficit and driving record inflation and gas prices. Cortez Masto voted with Biden 93& of the time, and Mark Kelly was with Biden 95% of the time.  

And voters in Arizona and Nevada are feeling some of the worst effects of inflation. Phoenix ranks as the #1 metropolitan area in the nation for inflation reaching 13%. Gas in Nevada now averages over $5 a gallon, with prices reaching as high as $7 a gallon in parts of the state.  

When it comes to American energy production, the liberal track record is even more dismal. Starting with canceling the Keystone XL pipeline on the day he was inaugurated, President Biden and other liberal politicians have taken more than 100 actions deliberately designed to make domestic energy production costly and limited. This comes as families pay much more for gasoline, face higher heating bills this winter with inflation surging at the fastest pace in 40 years.  

On criminal justice issues, Democrats in power are far to the left of their constituents who see these policies and rhetoric driving a surge in crime. Candidates like Cortez Masto, Cherri Beasley in North Carolina’s Senate race and Katie Porter in CA-47 have long, almost absurd, records of putting criminals before cops and their constituents.

While on the North Carolina Supreme Court, Beasley ruled against allowing GPS tracking of Torrey Grady, who sodomized a 7-year-old boy and impregnated a 15-year-old girl. As Nevada Attorney General, Cortez Masto sat on 3,000 unprocessed rape kits. And in Southern California’s CA-47, Katie Porter openly berates police on Twitter and embraces the support of pro-defund the police group.

Meanwhile in Nevada, voters saw the murder rate increase 27% between 2019 and 2020. North Carolina saw violent crime rise 12% during the same period, and the state now has two of the top 15 cities with the fastest -growing homicide rates. And Orange County saw a 21% increase in violent crime in 2021.

Education activists continue their forceful campaign to have public schools ignore student academic achievement in favor of gender and racial politics. And when parents step forward to object, they’re labeled as terrorists. Ask last year’s failed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe if he could take back his words, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

One might think the left would learn from such blunders – apparently not.

MSNBC “journalist” Ali Velshi recently suggested that if Americans embrace conservative ideas of free markets, reduced government spending, lower taxes, tough crime and border control policies, somehow our Democracy will disappear.

“I fully get why a tank of gas or a gallon of milk is, or your rent on your house, or the price of your used car is really, really, really important. It’s just not as important as losing democracy,” Velshi said. 

Democrats can’t ignore these core issues with false-choices and expect to win. People have gone too long having their salaries stolen because of out-of-control spending on liberal wish-lists.


These side-effects of liberal policies are threatening our livelihood, our safety, and the education of our children – the fabric of American society. The good news is that every single liberal mentioned above has a strong, principled, pro-growth candidate running with Club for Growth PACs endorsement who has solutions to the problems Democrats have unleashed on the country.


Ted Budd, running against Cheri Beasley, has consistently opposed Biden’s radical spending packages while serving in North Carolina’s 13th district. Adam Laxalt, running against Cortez Masto, served as AG in Nevada after Cortez Masto left for the Senate cleared her rape kit backlog. Blake Masters, running against Mark Kelly, has a record of success in the private sector and supports the policies that will grow our economy and end inflation. Scott Baugh has a long track record of supporting law enforcement in the California State Assembly, unlike his opponent Katie Porter in CA-47.

There are answers to the problems Democrats have unleashed on the country. Americans are crystal clear about their top priorities, and Tuesday we could witness a pivotal wake-up call issued by the American people.




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