M&S Embraces Sniff Test Over ‘Use-By’ Dates for Milk – A New Approach to Food Waste Reduction!

Marks & Spencer has decided to remove use-by dates from their milk and will instead use best before dates, encouraging customers to rely on a sniff test to determine if their milk has gone sour. The change is an effort to reduce waste, as around 490 million pints of milk, worth £270 million, are wasted … Read more

Politics as a Lifesaver: The Heartening Tale of Hope and Resilience

Rarely discussed is a situation where unpredictable and seemingly irrational politics helped save millions of vulnerable and impoverished people. Justin Sandefur, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, examined the record of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in a recent blog post. The program, initiated by President George W. Bush, … Read more

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The OC Warmline, a confidential 24/7 telephone, live chat, and texting service for Orange County residents in need of mental health support, will now have improved accessibility through an expanded contract with NAMI Orange County. The organization will provide mental health resources for the next two years at a cost of up to $28.3 million. … Read more